LiLphanie's Line 

Keeping You Warm, Organized and Decorated

Creative Background
I have always enjoyed creating things, feeling things and playing with color.  I can remember making things out of paper and cardboard when I was younger.  I dabbled in Origami for a while.  I also loved writing stories. At one point, I took to embroidery floss.  Some of my friends and I made and sold friendship bracelets.  I've also made a few latch hook rugs in my life.  Growing up, I would watch my grandma, mom, and especially my aunt crochet.  It was my mom and aunt who taught me how to hold a hook and work the yarn.  Over the years, it was crochet that stuck with me.  Soon I was crocheting presents for everyone!  As my skills improved, my hobby evolved into LiLphanie's Line.

My Products
I view my products as fun and functional.  Most of my products I design myself.  Ideas can come from anywhere.  Some nights I can't sleep, from thinking of how to make something!  What colors and stitches should I use, where should I use them, what yarn would work best for this product and so on?  This is the fun part for me, and I hope will translate into the fun part of the product for you.  If you are not a fan of washing items by hand, fear not!  All of my products are machine washable. In addition, kitchen products, such as pot holders, coasters, place mats are made out of cotton yarn.  Cotton yarn does not melt under heat. I also personally think cotton yarn makes such products look cleaner.  I consider these aspects the functional part of the product, along with the functionality of the product itself.

I generally base my prices on how long it takes me to make a product.  Therefore, a small product I made with a small sized hook may cost more than a small product made with a big sized hook.  Similarly, a product made with thinner baby yarn may cost more than a product made with bulky yarn.

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