Thursday, September 20, 2012

What a mess!

 I am finally working on getting my crochet patterns organized.  I have noticed there are many hat patterns.  They are fun to make.   I have been considering limiting the items I make, but the hats will definately stay!   I have also been updating LiLphanie's Line photos and their captions.  Do I have a pattern for this photo?  If no, then photo gets deleted.  If yes, then the item in the photo is for sale.  A newly added photo album is Fall and Halloween items.  I hope you check it out.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


        This month's featured item at LiLphanie's Line is hats.  I've tried some patterns and I've designed some of my own.  Pictured here is a hat I designed.  Basically it is four rounds of double crochet, one round of half double crochet, and one round single crochet; all in circle motif.  Then one round single crochet, one round half double crochet and two rounds double crochet.  I switched to soft navy for the next three rounds of double crochet and half double crochet alternating each stitch.  After that it was back to honeydew for one round of double crochet, one round of half double crochet, and one round of single crochet.  For the brim I used two rounds of double crochet increasing at even increments.  Don't be afraid to experiment and have fun.  Trying new things is a good way to learn!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Side Road to Yarn Scraps: Crochet Ear Warmers

    In exploring crochet websites I've mainly seen scarves as a way to use up yarn scraps.  After making snowflake scarves as gifts and to fill orders, I have some yarn scraps of my own.  I thought why not make ear warmers to go with the scarves?  So I worked a strand of white yarn and a shade of blue yarn together crocheting and sizing and pulling out yarn until I came up with an ear warmer I like.  Inspired by watching football and the team colors tote bags I had made earlier, I searched through my yarn bag and created another ear warmer design using one strand of yarn and 2 colors for stripes.  One can make a lot of ear warmers out of scraps of yarn!  I'm thinking of making a fun colorful scarf out of the longer scarps of yarn and an ear warmer to match out of the shorter scraps of yarn.  However, this ear warming adventure was brought on by running out of yarn for 2 other projects I was already working on, and my hands needing something to crochet.  Now that I have the colors for those projects, I'm leaving this ear warmer designing side road to head back for the main road.