Wednesday, August 21, 2019

How long does it take to crochet a blanket?

Another question I am often asked (read first question here) is how long it takes me to crochet something. The short answer would be smaller items take less time. However that is not always the case. 

How long it takes to crochet something 

ex. a blanket depends on several things.

1. What size hook you are using. Crochet hooks vary greatly in size. Some are smaller than a pencil while others are bigger than your finger. Some patterns even have you use your fingers as the "hook"! Why does size matter? If you are using thick yarn you will want a big hook to easily grab the yarn. If you are using a big hook, you make bigger looser stitches. Hence you move through your project fairly quick. I usually use size H. You can read my blog post on crochet hooks here. 

2. The weight of the yarn you are using. Weight of yarn goes from super fine, think lace and socks, to super bulky. If you are using a thicker yarn, it will generally take you less time to make something. I usually work with medium weight yarn. You can read more about yarn weight here.

3. How simple or intricate is the pattern? Does it use one or two different stitches over and over or does it have a larger repeating pattern over several rows? If you have to change colors often, that will slow down your crocheting time. If it is a granny square or other motif that you will have to stitch together when you are done making the pieces, that will take longer. You can read more about crochet patterns here.

4. What size the blanket is itself. Is it a doll blanket, a baby blanket, a lap blanket or bedspread size? Above is a picture of a lap blanket I made.

5. Your skill level. Are you new to crocheting or have you been at it awhile? If you are a beginner, you will take longer than an advanced crocheter. If you need some crochet practicing tips, click here.

6. How fast you personally crochet. Some people crochet fast, some slow some in-between.

7. The amount of time you have to spend on it. Daily, weekly, monthly. A couple hours here or a few minutes there. 

So, to answer how long does it take me to crochet a blanket: I have made baby blankets in a week, lap blankets two weeks and several months for a bedspread sized blanket. I hope you find this helpful! Happy crocheting.

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