Saturday, October 15, 2016

Behind the Line
Gathering Materials: Crochet Hooks

crochet hook
Size H Tapered Crochet Hook

    The art of crochet does require a few tools.  One thing that I like about crochet is that these tools are quiet and very portable.  Some people take a book with them to the laundry mat, doctor's office, airport etc.  I sometimes take a book too.  I have also stashed a crochet project in my bag for activities that require waiting.  That's difficult to do with a sewing machine or weaving loom!

One tool of the trade is the crochet hook.

    There are five basic parts to a crochet hook.  There is the handle, thumb rest, shaft, throat, and head.  The handle is the long part before the thumb rest.  The thumb rest is the flattened part before the shaft.  The thumb rest, or grip reminds me of a pressed penny.  The shaft is between the thumb rest and throat.  The throat's shape can be tapered or inline.  Last, there is the head which is the hook.  The look and feel of these parts can vary in design.  Some crochet hooks even have lights in them to help you see when using dark colored yarn!  Some crochet hooks are metal, some are wood, and some are a combination of the two.  I currently prefer using crochet hooks with a bamboo handle and an inline throat.  I have seen crochet hooks at thrift stores and garage sales.  These are great places to purchase crochet hooks to try out a style to see if you like it.

   The size of the crochet hook.  

    Not only are there several styles of crochet hooks, there are also several sizes of crochet hooks.  The size of the hook is often stamped on the thumb rest.  This can include a number in millimeters, as well as a letter.  The closer to Z the letter is, the bigger the crochet hook.  The bigger the crochet hook, the looser the crochet stitches.  The looser the crochet stitches, the more drape and less shape an item will have.  Just as I could make the same pattern in various types of yarn and get a completely different look, I could make the same pattern using different sized hooks.  There is a recommended hook size depending on the type of yarn.  This will be found on the yarn label.  If I am working with crochet thread, I would probably use a size D crochet hook.  If I am working with rug yarn, I would most likely use a size L hook.  What size hook I use also depends on what I am making and what crochet stitches are involved.  For example, I usually use a size G hook to make hats with a double crochet stitch and size H for hats with a single crochet stitch.

If you are a beginner crocheter I would recommend using a medium sized hook such as a J.  Your stitches will be easier to see.

    If you are following a pattern, it will also state what size hook to use.  However, if you crochet tightly, you may have to use a bigger sized hook for the item to turn out the correct size.   There are two different kinds of patterns one can follow.  Well, I suppose one could say three kinds including how-to videos.  I will discuss crochet patterns in the next post.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Halloween is Hiding Behind the Corner!

handmade halloween candy corn hats
Candy Corn Hats

Hi all!

    The holiday season has arrived and is hiding behind the corner.  Though in some places it isn't hiding very well.  Some stores already have Christmas decorations for sale!  I don't know about you, but I'd like to enjoy Fall first.  Who loves crunching leaves under their feet?  I do!  My dog loves barking at the rustling leaves.  And of course there is always giggles when it comes to jumping into a huge pile leaves.  Who knew leaves could be so much fun?!  So, let's not skip the wonderful season of Fall.

   Handmade Halloween

      I could spend hours looking at Fall decorations in a store.  Some of them are so cute and clever.  However these machine made items are missing a sort of charm and warmth.  They don't have much of a story to tell.  Often times they become weathered and worn before the season is over. Do the plastic decorations from the store have your home looking like a store? Are you tired of the commercial machine made holidays?  Are you looking for something more unique and quality made with thought?  Are you wanting to support a person instead of a corporation?  Are you looking to decorate your house and dress up your family in handmade items for Halloween and other holidays?  Are you wanting something that will last through the years, that you could possibly hand down to your children?  

    Let LiLphanie's Line help you create 
that homely holiday atmosphere!

 LiLphanie's Line items are thoughtfully hand crocheted.  My Etsy Shop has trick-or-treat bags, gobs of fun hats, baskets to store all your goodies and much more.  Halloween order deadline is October 22nd.  You must place your order by Oct. 22nd to ensure that you will received it in time for your Halloween festivities.

    Thank you for choosing LiLphanie's Line!