Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring: A Time of Renewal

Spring is a time of renewal.

I think Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. There is an atmosphere of change and a promise of good things to come. The flowers and trees are budding giving off a sweet perfume. The backdrop of new green and winter brown just make their colors pop. Animals come out of their winter hiding places full of activity.  The sounds, sights and feelings of a Spring thunderstorm awakens the senses. As nature awakens after a long winter nap, I take the time to reflect and look back.

Renewal of Goals

The atmosphere of change and hope renews the motivation I had at the beginning of the year. Lately, I have been reviewing some personal and business goals.  At the beginning of the year I had set some goals for what I wanted for myself and my business. I have chosen a couple of these goals to focus on the second quarter of 2017. Then out of the quarterly goals I set monthly, weekly and finally daily goals. I find keeping track of my goals and intentions helps me stay motivated.  April 1st used to be the beginning of the new year, until we changed calendars. So I find this a good time to step back and see the big picture. It infuses my days with purpose and direction.

NEW Spring Crochet Hats

In the spirit of new things, I have added to my Easter and Spring Collections.  I now have available Baby Easter Chick Hats (click the picture caption).  As well as Toddler Chick Hats, Duck Hats, and Flower Hats.  You can visit the Easter Section of my shop to see whats new! 

Baby Easter Hat
Baby Easter Chick Hat
Happy Spring!

Here's to new beginnings!

Easter Order Deadline is April 7th!